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Foldable Washing Machine

Foldable Washing Machine

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Compact and Convenient: Introducing the Foldable Washing Machine 

Experience the ultimate convenience of the Foldable Washing Machine, a portable solution for your laundry needs. This compact and foldable design allows you to wash your socks, underwear, panties, and more with ease, wherever you are. Say goodbye to bulky laundry machines and hello to this space-saving and travel-friendly washing companion.

Versatile and Efficient: Three Washing Models in One

The Foldable Washing Machine offers three washing models to cater to different laundry requirements. Choose from its versatile settings, including a standard wash, a gentle wash for delicate items, and a quick wash for when you're in a rush. With these options at your disposal, you can ensure optimal cleaning performance while preserving the quality of your garments.

Large Capacity in a Small Package

Don't be fooled by its compact size! The Foldable Washing Machine boasts a large capacity that can accommodate various items. Measuring 29.5 * 29.5 * 29CM, it can easily handle one baby bath towel, eight baby clothes, fifteen baby sweaters, four small toys, two mother T-shirts, six pairs of underwear, eight pairs of panties, and twelve pairs of socks. Enjoy the convenience of washing multiple items in a single load.

Efficient Washing and Spinning Dry

The Foldable Washing Machine not only washes your clothes but also provides a spinning dry function. After the wash cycle, switch to the spinning mode to remove excess water from your garments, reducing drying time and enabling quicker usage. Experience efficient cleaning and drying in one portable unit.

Your Laundry Companion On-the-Go

Whether you're traveling, camping, or simply need a compact laundry solution, the Foldable Washing Machine is here to simplify your life. Its portable and lightweight design allows you to take it anywhere, ensuring clean clothes wherever you go. Embrace the convenience of this versatile washing machine and enjoy the freedom of managing your laundry on your terms.


    • Voltage: 12V
    • Washing Power: 10W
    • Capacity: 8L
    • Dimensions: 26*26*14 mm
    • Weight: 1.2 kg

    Included In the Package

    • 1 x Washing Machine
    • 1 x Power Cord
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    Product Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Eden Gerhold

    It is the same as in the picture, it took 12 days to arrive in Mexico, it came very well packaged, there was no contact with the seller as it was not necessary, request the color purple and green arrived but there is no problem.
    I do not start it yet, I do not know how well it works, as soon as I use it I will expand my review, for the moment I recommend the seller and I am satisfied with my purchase.

    Reece Simonis

    I 've already used it three times in a row and it works great. Accept water up to 60 °, the clothes come out clean. Is easy to clean. Wine well packed at home, all intact. Doesn't fit a lot of underwear, but for socks and small pieces of clothing it is perfect. The only fault is that the door does not close well, it opens a little when it is in operation. I try to fit it, but it opens, photo attached

    Sandy Pagac

    I arrived very fast, it took a week to get to chile

    Malinda Nader

    Great quality. The machine washes very well, good for lingerie and light clothes. But if I may give you some advice, please take care of the items of clothing, preferably put them in a protective wash bag. My first time washing panties, she hooked and stuck inside the white part she rotates. But I managed to get it out and everything worked out! Hahah

    Margarita Koelpin

    Arrived in perfect condition, exactly as described in the ad. Wash small pieces like socks or underwear. Leaves something to be desired in centrifugation, which is weak and the clothes come out quite soaked..